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7 great places to submit your fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction that publish in audio

This month we’re focusing on great places to submit that will publish your work in print and/or audio versions. After all, who doesn’t like to be read to? Not into the audio angle? No worries, there are some goodies for you on this list too. For more suggestions, check out our other lists of great places to submit.

All of the magazines and podcasts on our list accept simultaneous submissions and don’t charge submissions fees unless otherwise noted. As always, it’s good practice to read (or listen) to an issue or two to get a sense of what they’re looking for.

  1. Liars’ League accepts stories of between 800 and 2000 words for themed “issues”. Upcoming themes: Before & After (deadline: 3 March), Infinity & Beyond (5 May) and Women & Girls (7 July). If accepted, your work will be read by a professional actor at their live event in London. Free drinks if you can attend! The readings are published online and all accepted work will be considered for their print anthology. Response times vary, but if you haven’t received a thumbs up by the live event (usually around a month after the deadline), then you know it was a no go.
  2. Dime Show Review accepts flash fiction, poetry, essays, and short stories (up to 3,000 words). We like them because they respond relatively quickly—usually within three months—and they nominate for the Pushcart Prize. If they accept your work, they’ll publish it online and will consider it for audio production and their print edition (which generally comes out three times per year).
  3. The Drum accepts poetry and short stories and essays (up to 5,000 words). They only publish in audio. You have the option to record the work yourself if it’s accepted, or let them arrange a reader for you. They do charge a $3 fee if you want to use Submittable (postage would be more), but they also pay $50 per accepted submission. They tend to accept fast (often under a month) and reject slow.
  4. Golden Walkman Magazine accepts poetry and fiction and non-fiction (up to 3,000 words). As the name implies, they publish in audio only. If they accept your work, you can read and record it yourself (or get a voice double:) or leave it to the editors. They aim to make a decision within three months.
  5. Menacing Hedge accepts poems, flash fiction and short stories (up to 5,000 words). They publish work in print and audio versions for their quarterly online magazine (they’ll send you some tips for creating your own audio file). Although they aim to respond within two months, it’s often closer to four.
  6. Mortar Magazine accepts poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction (no line or word limits listed). You can submit an optional audio or video version for publication alongside the print version in their quarterly online magazine. They don’t currently charge submissions fees but ask that those who can afford to use the $3 pay it forward option. Half of all proceeds go to the ACLU. They tend to reject fast (under a month) and accept slow.
  7. The Flash Fiction Podcast accepts stories between 250 – 1500 word—around 800 words is ideal—and they do consider reprints. They publish more-or-less weekly podcast episodes and good news: they take care of the recording for you! At the end of each season, they compile the episodes into an audiobook, available through Audible. Although they aim to respond within a couple of months, it may take six or more.
20 February 2019

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  1. Great list. Thanks for compiling all that. Appreciated.

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