Liz Prieto Master Class Recording

Venezuelan writer Liz Prieto speaks with IWC teacher Ellen Keith about her collection of linked short stories, My Broken Conuco. Liz self-published her book first in English and then in Spanish before she was approached by a commercial publisher. My Broken Conuco is currently available in English from Barnes & Noble and in English and Spanish from Amazon.

Liz and Ellen discuss:

  • confronting social and political issues in fiction,
  • handling heavy material,
  • self-publishing,
  • approaches to marketing and promotion,
  • and much more.

The class was held in the garden of Boekhandel van Rossum in Amsterdam on 12 June 2022.


Liz Prieto is a Venezuelan writer and poet who left her country in 2003. She lived in the middle of the isolated Borneo jungle for almost 10 years before relocating to Africa and Europe. Most of her writing is inspired by her experiences in Venezuela. Liz has taken classes with the IWC since 2019.

Ellen Keith holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing from the University of British Columbia. Her historical novel The Dutch Wife won the HarperCollins/UBC Prize for Best New Fiction and was an instant international bestseller, reaching #1 on the Globe & Mail Canadian Fiction Bestseller List and #12 on Publishers Weekly American bestsellers list. It has been published in seven languages.


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International Writers' Collective
International Writers' Collective
Liz Prieto Master Class Recording
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11 August 2022

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