Joost Baars Master Class Recording

Poet Joost Baars gave a special master class for us on Sunday, 26 August at Boekhandel van Rossum in Amsterdam. You can listen to a recording of the talk below or it is also available as a podcast from various services and from our own feed.

Baars’s debut collection Binnenplaats (translated “Enclosure”) was awarded the 2018 VSB Poetry Prize, the world’s largest Dutch-language poetry prize. The jury praised his depth, mastery and unique sound. It was only the second time in the Prize’s 24-year history that a debut collection won. Baars was also a finalist for this year’s C. Buddingh’ Prize and the Herman de Coninck Prize.

His poetry has been described as hallucinatory and mystical. We looked at a number of poems from his award-winning collection that have been beautifully translated into English by Astrid Albens (available on the Poetry International website). We also discussed the art of the line-break, poetry in translation, how you know when a poem has promise, why thinking about your reader isn’t always helpful, getting unstuck and more.

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International Writers' Collective
International Writers' Collective
Joost Baars Master Class Recording
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5 April 2019

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