Our Philosophy

We believe that anyone with the desire and dedication can learn to write—and write amazingly well—with proper guidance. We believe that imagination is something we’re all born with and never lose although we may lose touch with it temporarily as the work-a-day world takes over. We believe it's never too late to start writing—that age shouldn’t be an excuse to not follow your dreams.
We believe the way to learn how to write is to learn how to read and, just like with art or music, to study the craft of people who did it well and learn from them. We believe that our voices are enriched by everything we have read and experienced and that as writers we need to continually expose ourselves to new things. We believe that great writing comes from hard work but also from giving ourselves permission to play and experiment without fear of failure.
We believe that community is important for writers. We need people who understand our creative side—the one we might keep hidden much of the time. We need people to celebrate with us when it’s going well and to keep our spirits up when it’s not. To help us see what’s working and what isn’t and to tell us to keep going even when it gets tough.
We believe that reading and writing are two of the most personally rewarding activities in this life. And that both contribute to making our world better. Great writing allows readers to see through eyes not their own. It widens perspectives, bridges cultures and ideologies, and encourages understanding.
If you share our philosophy (or would like to), reach out and we’ll let you know what’s happening and how you can join.

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