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Megan M. Garr is a guest instructor at The International Writers’ Collective. She’s a poet and the editor of the literary & arts journal Versal.

After moving to Amsterdam in 2001, Megan founded the literary community organization “wordsinhere” and its flagship Versal. Her poetry and writings on translocality have been published widely, and her poetry collection The Preservationist Documents (Pilot Books, 2012) was a finalist in several prizes, winning the Pilot Books Meddling Kids Series in 2010. Her latest collection is Terrane (MIEL, 2015).

For over a decade, Megan has also developed numerous literary programs in the Netherlands and the USA, including The Open Stanza (Amsterdam, 2002-2007), Journal Porn (Washington D.C. 2011, Chicago 2012, Seattle 2014), and most recently VERSO / (Amsterdam, 2014-present).

Megan grew up in Nashville, Tennessee and studied writing at the University of Montana. She has lived in Amsterdam, the Netherlands since 2001.

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