Updated: 25 February 2022

We are putting in place a number of measures to keep our in-person courses as safe as possible under the current conditions:

  • We do not recommend an in-person course for unvaccinated writers.
  • Social distancing, hand sanitising and masking are still good practice (please follow the current RIVM guidelines).
  • We will keep the appropriate doors / windows open if possible.
  • You’ll need to download the reading and any other handouts before class and make sure that they’re accessible to you during class. For multi-week workshops, instead of bringing printed copies of your exercise to class, you will need to upload your work at least 1 day in advance and either print a copy of your fellow students’ exercises or download to a device that you can access during class.
  • If you think you may have been exposed or if you’re joining us for a whole-day course, we ask that you do a self-test at home or, if you don’t have a test kit, to come early to class to take a self-test on site. 
  • If you have tested positive for COVID-19 within 7 days of the class, are not feeling well or have come into contact with someone who has symptoms or who has tested positive, you must follow government guidelines on self isolation.

We will continue to monitor the situation and respect government rules and recommendations. It is possible that during the term your course may have to switch from meeting in-person to meeting online in order to protect the health of students and teachers. By registering, you are confirming your understanding of this possibility and your agreement to continue your course online should the need arise.

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