Great places to submit: International edition

Wondering where to submit your poetry, flash fiction and short stories? We have searched the globe to find you great places to send your work. This month we pulled together an international lineup of literary magazines and journals that publish in English, are friendly to emerging writers, and don’t have egregiously long response times. (If you’re really in a hurry, check out the ‘Great Places to Submit if You Hate to Wait’ lists.)

  1. Leopards & Limes (Germany) – publishes poetry, flash fiction and short stories (up to 3,000 words), including reprints and translations. They are looking for ‘wildly hilarious, off the wall, surreal and surprising, but also stories that are serious, and moving’. Allow two months for a response.
  2. Fiction Pool (UK) CLOSED – publishes poetry, flash fiction and short stories (up to 3,000 words). They are looking for work which is ‘bold and daring’. For a small donation, they’ll give you some feedback. Allow three months.
  3. Cosmonauts Avenue (Canada) – we’re a long-time fan of this online journal. They want work that ‘pays careful attention to craft while remaining urgent and surprising’ and are dedicated to amplifying underrepresented voices. They publish poetry and flash, short and not-so-short fiction (up to 8,000 words). Allow at least three months.
  4. The Stockholm Review (Sweden) – publishes poetry and flash, short and not-so-short fiction (up to 8,000 words). They are fans of J.D. Salinger, Renata Adler, David Foster Wallace, Leonard Cohen and Frank O’Hara. In other words, they have good but somewhat quirky taste. Allow at least three months.
  5. Brilliant Flash Fiction (Ireland) – as the name implies they accept fiction of up to 1,000 words. They’re looking for stories that are a little bit unusual and lots of fun to read. Allow three months but they usually respond faster.

Previous recommendations that we still think are great places to submit Jellyfish Review (Indonesia) and Eunoia Review (Singapore).

29 January 2023

11 responses on "Great places to submit: International edition"

  1. As a writer based in India this site seems to be quite interesting and informative.

  2. I am an aspiring writer in English Poetry How can I send the article

  3. Infant migrant

    In the morn in the eve
    At night at noon
    Haven’s eye too hot and dry
    Hell’s eye too light and meek

    Dark is soft
    As the black
    As the untouchables
    As the downtrodden
    As the refugee
    As the migrant

    Where am I walking
    Where am I coming
    What’s my destination
    Who’s my guide
    Heaven is closed
    Hell is open wide
    God is deep asleep
    Devil is kindly awake

    I am weak and weary
    I can’t walk anymore
    Where are those caring hands
    That always caressed me
    Where are those two fountains of love
    That eagerly fed me

    I miss the milk of kindness
    I lost the hands fragile but safe
    It was too cold
    But I was warm
    In those flowery bed
    What happened her
    Why doesn’t she wake up
    Why doesn’t she open
    The magic pots of elixir

    I called her again and again
    She never answers
    Why is she angry
    Why is she icy cold
    Why is she so adamant
    What crime have I done
    Can’t she hear my sobs
    Can’t she see my tears
    My lips are dry
    My voice is lost
    My bowels are empty
    Some say she left me
    Others she is no more
    They give a verdict
    She was already sick

    Now I am aware
    She was sick
    She was seriously sick
    Her sickness was horrible
    Her sickness was terrible

    I too feel sick
    Everyone feel sick
    Her sickness was hunger
    It was hunger hunger

  4. This was refreshing! I haven’t found online magazines based outside the US until now. I hope some of these are open for submissions during 2020.
    Love, from Venezuela.

  5. Rajendra Nagdeve14 April 2021 at 15:58Reply

    I am a writer from India. I found this site very very useful to those like me who are in search of information about journals to submit their poems. fiction etc. Here , I found the desired information compiled at one place.

  6. Rajendra Nagdeve14 April 2021 at 16:10Reply

    I have just read Sijumon P K’s poem ‘Infant Migrant’ here. I am highly impressed. What a heart touching poem! I have no words to express my feelings. Thanks to Sijumon for providing this deeply moving poem composed in so simple words.

  7. I am from Pakistan. I write poems and want to show up my poems in this magazine.

  8. This is a very good platform for me. I am an Indian and I want to mail some poem to you .Please respond .

  9. l write poetry in English language. l want to publish my poems in your magazine.what have l to do? l hope you inform me.

  10. I am from Canada now and just arrived from Nepal. I am a short story writer and want to publish my new story. How can I do it ?

  11. Hello, I am Sudesh Sharma from India want to publish my new poem please, advise me

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