Great places to submit: Amsterdam edition

This month we’re highlighting publishing opportunities close to home. Get familiar with Amsterdam’s local literary journals! You don’t have to be local to find a home for your work in Amsterdam. Like the city itself, these journals are international.

AMS – OK, they’re actually in Colorado, but this single issue journal put out by Cipher Magazine is looking to showcase work from Amsterdam-based writers (if you’re part of our Amsterdam community, we’d say that qualifies you even if you’re living elsewhere in the Netherlands). They’re accepting fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction. No word limits or other guidelines, so just use your best judgement. Deadline: April 14.

Expanded Field – Amsterdam’s newest English-language literary journal is looking for fresh talent in the areas of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, comics and ‘experiments’. In other words, they’re wide open. You can submit one prose piece or up to three poems. To get a better idea of what they’re looking for (or for sheer pleasure), check out their first issue online. Editor Rick van der Waarden is the judge for our 2018 Spring Reading. Deadline for Issue #2: April 15.

Amsterdam Quarterly – The mission of this journal is to ‘publish, promote and comment on writing and art in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and the world’. Poems can’t be longer than two A4 pages and fiction no more than 3,000 words. They put out three themed issues per year online and one print yearbook edition. The only downer is no simultaneous submissions. They’re currently accepting work for their summer 2018 issue on the theme of texture. Deadline: April 30.

Versal – Amsterdam’s original international literature & art magazine has been featured on Poets & Writers and The Review Review. During their reading periods, you can generally submit up to 5 poems totalling 10 pages or up to 5 prose pieces of no more than 3,500 words in total. They love hybrid, boundary-pushing work. Translations encouraged. Currently closed to submissions but keep an eye out this autumn for their next call. Editors Megan M. Garr and Anna Arov are leading a special course on publishing for us.

23 April 2018

4 responses on "Great places to submit: Amsterdam edition"

  1. Dear friends!

    My literary pseudonym is “Anita Frey”.

    Several years ago I noticed a pig on a Rembrandt’s picture.

    I registered this discovery officially, then wrote a fairy tale, which later was translated into English and placed (short variant) on the pages of American magazine “WORDGATHERING”:

    This magazine serves the needs of disable people, they are not interested in business, they do not pay honorariums for authoers, neither take they money from them.
    But, facing the coming Year of Pig, somebody else could paint nice illustrations, make a broschure of comics for kids or make an animation film (or a full length film).

    What do you think of all this?

    My page on Facebook:

    Best regards,
    Natalia Kastorf (“Anita Frey”)

    • Thanks for sharing your experience, Natalia. We love pigs and magazines with a heart (most in the litmag field are in it for love cause it ain’t no way to make money). Let us know how it goes with your project.

  2. Hi there,

    I would like to get published my short story in one of the literature magazine in the Netherlands. is there any place where I can do this? I am in the Amsterdam.

    Thanks in advance

  3. “In The Shoes”

    In his own shoes,
    talking about somebody’s blues –
    paying his dues.

    You’re in your womb –
    waiting for God knows whom.

    While I’m resting by my father’s tomb.

    Got total amnesia –
    from Doc Kroger’s anesthesia.

    My love – – thinking about you
    in the neon’s white light- –
    Night into day – – Day into night.

    Elvis believing in moral obligation –
    passed legislation –
    concerning the contemplation of creation…

    In vaginal stimulation, penal ejaculation, or oral masturbation.

    Some people have no modulation.
    Others have diarrhea of constipation.

    Laugh hard and don’t cry.
    Who doesn’t die in the hypocrisy lie?

    I dream alone in my poems.
    Writing to fill up a room.

    At night there’s always something to do.
    Check in at the barracks at two-twenty-two.

    Life can be so hairy, it’s scary –

    Expelled from life’s schools –
    for having shit on my shoes.

    Drunk on air and high on drink.
    I just cannot think………

    Puking yellow pumpkins –
    and orange banana’s stews.

    Streets are painted a different
    purple’s blues.

    Cars and apartments –
    many rainbows’ multi –
    colored hues.

    Are my eyes shut tight?
    Can I hear through only
    one ear?
    It’s not altogether clear.

    Today’s salesman in leather shoes –
    selling nursery schools’ current events –
    breaking in The Planet News.

    By Jonathan Billet


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