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  • Sandrine was very encouraging of every student, and very perceptive of respective strengths and weaknesses in each submission. I felt she gauged the standard of each participant well and accompanied their development in a supportive and constructive mode. Overall a very positive experience – thanks Sandrine!

    Lucie Martin

  • Rebecca is the perfect teacher for complete beginners like me. She is kind but also fair in her critique. She gives real thought to what you have produced and highlights the best way to build it out, or points out where you have strayed from the brief.


  • I was always really impressed with Rebecca's feedback, so constructive and tangible, that you always went away knowing how to improve your work. She really encouraged everyone to share each week and made us feel comfortable critiquing each others' work. It was because of her encouragement that I really began to pursue poetry with more seriousness and develop my own style.

    Jo Matthews

  • I was very impressed by Rebecca’s ability to nearly immediately pick up on the very subtle details of a piece and reflect back to the writer the things she felt were working well and the things that could be improved. In my experience she was very honest and sincere and also very respectful and appreciative, able to recognize that hard work was put into a piece even if it didn’t necessarily meet the guidelines of the exercise.

    Silas Beardslee

  • One of Christina’s strengths is her gentle yet direct way of giving feedback. I think she has a positive influence on the group just through who she is. I call that a state of ‘being'. Added to that her summarizations of what was said by members of the group plus her own interventions were always presented in a constructive and concise way. She has a nonintrusive yet firm way of guiding the sessions.

    Greta Cune

  • Christina has a way of saying that your exercise was successful that makes you feel really great. She always manages to find a specific part that worked well and critique you work in an elegant way. I felt grateful for her feedback. She is a good listener, has a positive attitude and sets the right atmosphere where people are ready to share and become inspired.

    Aliet Rogaar

  • I am a fan of Christina’s style. In a beginning workshop, the right thing is to encourage, to be warm and humane, and to critique according to the objectives of the exercise. She unfailingly finds one or two salient bits that could use some working on, but she always leaves the writer feeling validated and worthy of carrying on for another week.

    John Carnegie

  • I like the concise, informative and constructive manner of teaching Inge uses. It's awesome! Her knowledge is boundless, and her critiques have helped me immensely.

    Lorraine Campbell

  • I thought Inge was great. She would give lots of specific and practical examples when discussing how to improve our writing and our submitted exercises.

    Suzana Dordevic

  • Inge is well-read, informed and attentive. I believe in her. She has a no-bullshit approach. She's real and kind.

    Sauci Bosner

  • Sarah is a brilliant teacher. She is an amazing listener. Maybe the most insightful reader I’ve ever met. She is incredibly empathetic, yet tough and trenchant with her criticism when she needs to be.

    Kate Darton

  • Jennifer made me feel I could actually write an appealing short piece. Her assignments were clear and her feedback was practical and stimulating. An experienced teacher, she doesn’t shy away from sharing her own writing struggles and victories. In other words, a pro.

    Marijke van Oosterzee


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