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  • "The International Writers Collective is more than just a workshop. It's a community. A group of people of all ages, from all over the world, with different backgrounds and various professional occupations who have one thing in common: we want to write. The course teaches us the craft of writing, techniques that objectively help us improve our writing."

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    Nadia Schoenzwytt

  • "I would say that if you aspire to be a writer, and an MFA is both financially and time-wise not for you, this is a gentler, but still well-targeted program. You will surround yourself with keen writers, willing to help you get to where to aspire."

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    Robert Phillips

  • "It makes you write and keeps you writing and editing and writing and improving. The feedback is very helpful clear and worthwhile. I would recommend the course to any blocked writers."

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    Deborah Culhane

  • "I found the quality of the instruction excellent, inspiring, and generally what I needed to get myself writing again. The other participants were also quite good, and I really enjoyed reading and critiquing the pieces each week."

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    Lauren Danahy

  • "I thought the assignments were very well chosen, as they were so fun and interesting I didn't get a chance to doubt my ideas too much. For me it was very useful to have a couple of elements of craft to use as scaffolding for creative ideas. I liked experimenting with different narrators, and differentiating between tone and mood was quite illuminating, it suddenly made sense how some writers are so compelling."

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    Dieuwertje de Graaff

  • "I loved having the weekly chats to discuss each exercise. Even though we couldn't meet in person, I felt that the class was very engaged. As in previous classes, I learned many new skills. And I really feel like with the International Writers' Collective, there is a sense of community, and being part of a writing community that is supportive and constructive really helps one develop as a writer."

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    Jessica Pena

  • I'd say that the best part about the workshops is a) quality of the teachers (ability to explain, give examples, motivate), b) way of teaching - clear explanation, assignments discussed in a (diverse) group of people that all have the same objective - improve their skills, learn from each other and from constructive feedback of teachers, c) the quality of the exercises, and last but not least, it's interesting to meet all these "different" people that have at least one thing in common.

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    Karin de Hiep

  • As a repeat student I just LOVE this course. The variety of material to study, the exercises to try and the feedback given by both students and teacher alike has been invaluable in giving me a much broader toolset for my writing and the confidence to try new techniques and angles. I've recommended the course to many friends and those who've taken it up have been similarly impressed.

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    Penny Vegter

  • “Being part of a community of writers has enriched my life beyond the actual workshops—I've made some great friends.”

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    Mirja Post

  • "If you like reading you should absolutely take a workshop. They are insightful into the craft of writing and hugely stimulating. It changed my life in so many good ways..."

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    Claudia Calori

  • "I have been writing since I was seven years old. In a very real way it is my oldest companion, yet though I have tried at different periods of my life, I’ve never managed to give it a steady and credible role in my daily life and for the last decade or more I simply did not write. The workshops have changed all that. I am writing all the time now, and am more and more at ease in feeding my daily experience through the internal wordmill and into my notebook for later."

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    John Carnegie

  • "The workshops really encouraged me to write – something I’ve been talking about for years but never had the time or confidence to pursue. I’ve absolutely loved it and plan to continue with it, I really think if I am going to make a go of writing these workshops will be what helps me to do that."

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    Jo Matthews


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