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  • "Interaction between fellow writers was a huge support. Teacher was supportive and promoted the right atmosphere. I learnt that writing is “only” 10% inspiration; the rest can be learnt!"

    Emanuele Bartolini

  • "It was a great start to serious writing for me. I learnt a lot about tone, mood and narrators and discovered new writers en poems. The deadline of delivering a piece once a week is a great one. Getting feedback on your piece and reading it together with the group was a great way of critiquing."

    Basma Djemni

  • "Very positive experience, it was great to get me started again, learn more about the techniques/theories behind it, and to surprise myself (and be surprised by others) by the wonderful stories that we produced each week. Real treat!"

    Charley Fiedeldij Dop

  • "First of all it helped me pick up a pen! And secondly, it provides a huge learning potential to be critiqued by others. There are always blind spots/ ego when you are reviewing your own writing. And also, the structured way of critiquing really helps you to look at someone's texts beyond nice or not nice, or, this is my taste, and this isn't. It can make you a better reader and writer."

    Nathalie Spaans

  • "I had a great time. It was a wonderful experience, something that I always wanted to do but never found “time” (= balls haha) to do. I personally liked the exercises very much, the fact that they give you tools and techniques to find your own way and they were very diverse, covering different genres, etc. Because even if you need to “follow” a certain subject or style, the exercises are flexible enough to let you express your own ideas. I thought it was a great way to “find your own voice”, your writing style. It also made me more aware of writing techniques (I always read a lot and have my favorite authors/style but it’s good to know that it’s not only inspiration!)"

    Raquel Tessarollo

  • "Besides the constant push to write, what I find most useful about the workshop is writing very different assignments week by week, because it allows you to pick up on your writing strengths and style, really notice where you struggle and receive unbiased opinions/criticism."

    Aurora Giordano

  • "I would (and I have already) recommended the workshop to anyone interested in writing, may it be someone too shy to have even dared to try or someone who's already quite far into writing a longer piece. The teaching has always been very satisfactory. I like the fact that the groups are always small, and everybody, both students and teachers, takes the class and the work in it very seriously, while doing it out of sheer pleasure. This gives a very solid ground to the classes, where people go quite far and deep into their own writing and into sharing critiques and stories, but also constitute a fantastic community of passionate readers/writers brought together by one truly shared interest and who inspire each other by learning."

    Marie Medevielle

  • "The International Writers Collective is more than just a workshop. It's a community. A group of people of all ages, from all over the world, with different backgrounds and various professional occupations who have one thing in common: we want to write. The course teaches us the craft of writing, techniques that objectively help us improve our writing."

    Nadia Schoenzwytt

  • "I would say that if you aspire to be a writer, and an MFA is both financially and time-wise not for you, this is a gentler, but still well-targeted program. You will surround yourself with keen writers, willing to help you get to where to aspire."

    Robert Phillips

  • "It makes you write and keeps you writing and editing and writing and improving. The feedback is very helpful clear and worthwhile. I would recommend the course to any blocked writers."

    Deborah Culhane

  • "I found the quality of the instruction excellent, inspiring, and generally what I needed to get myself writing again. The other participants were also quite good, and I really enjoyed reading and critiquing the pieces each week."

    Lauren Danahy

  • "I thought the assignments were very well chosen, as they were so fun and interesting I didn't get a chance to doubt my ideas too much. For me it was very useful to have a couple of elements of craft to use as scaffolding for creative ideas. I liked experimenting with different narrators, and differentiating between tone and mood was quite illuminating, it suddenly made sense how some writers are so compelling."

    Dieuwertje de Graaff


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