LEVEL I Writing Courses

Our core courses give you the skills and techniques to write fiction or poetry, and provide you with a writing community to support you every step of the way. Whether you join us in-person or online, you can look forward to a weekly dose of inspiration and to meeting great people.

Our writing courses are conducted in English. You'll find our current Level I offering on this page. If you already have a degree in creative writing or have taken multiple technique-focused courses, contact us and we’ll help you find the right level and path to meet your needs. We're happy to answer your questions. Drop us a line or give us a call.

A Level I course is a good place to start whether you’re just getting going or you’ve been writing for a while and would like more formal instruction. The focus is on giving you mastery over techniques fundamental to both fiction and poetry, supporting you in establishing a writing routine, and encouraging you to try new things and stretch your imagination. You can choose whether you want to work on fiction or poetry or try a little of both.

Courses meet once a week for 8 weeks, except during the summer when we offer a special 6-week term. 



  • - How to read like a writer, so you can see how your favourite authors and poets work their magic. It's a skill that will serve you well throughout your writing life.
  • - How to construct a compelling narrator to tell your story.
  • - How to use elements of craft such as tone, mood, description, and action to reveal your characters and pull readers in and make them want more.
  • - How to give your fellow writers useful feedback.
  • - How to revise your own work. As any professional writer will tell you, writing well is all about revising well.

The Level I curriculum is designed to give you a toolkit of techniques foundational to good writing over the course of two to four terms, depending on your goals, focus and experience.

We currently teach four levels of courses. Each level (usually completed over multiple consecutive terms) builds on the skills and techniques taught in the level before. At the end of every term your instructor will help you decide on the best path forward.

Many of our students view our programme as a more affordable and flexible alternative to an MFA because the education offered in form and craft is very similar. 



No matter how early you register, if something changes and you can’t join the course, you can let us know at least 72 hours before the first class (so we can offer your spot to someone else) and we’ll give you a complete refund. You can find the full details of our generous refund policy in our terms. If you decide to drop out after the first class, let us know within 72 hours, and you only pay for the first class—we'll refund the rest. And if at any point in the term your circumstances change such that it's impossible for you to complete the course (e.g. serious illness), we can offer you a credit voucher based on the number of classes remaining that you can apply to another course within a year.

 Level II



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