This Level I online workshop runs for 6 weeks from July 11 – August 15 and meets online with 1-hour chat sessions on Tuesdays from 20:00 – 21:00 CEST (UTC/GMT +2). Class size is usually 8-12 people.

A Level I workshop is a great place to start whether you’re just getting going or you’ve been writing for a while and would like more formal instruction. The focus is on giving you mastery over techniques fundamental to both fiction and poetry, supporting you in establishing a writing routine, and encouraging you to try new things and stretch your imagination.

During the 6 weeks you’ll learn:

  • How to read like a writer, so you can see how your favourite authors and poets work their magic—it’s a skill that will serve you well throughout your writing life.
  • How to construct a compelling narrator to tell your story.
  • How to use elements of craft such as tone, mood, description, dialogue and action to reveal your characters and pull readers in and make them want more.
  • How to give your fellow writers useful feedback.
  • How to revise your own work—as any professional writer will tell you, writing well is all about revising well.

Each week you’ll be given a new exercise, which we’ll discuss during the live chat. If you can’t attend the chat, don’t worry—we’ll post transcripts so you don’t miss anything. You’ll upload your exercise by the following Sunday. Critiques are given in writing via our online platform before the next chat.

Most writers take two to three Level I courses—each term is different—before moving on to Level II. If you have a degree in creative writing or have taken numerous technique-focused workshops, contact us and we’ll help you find the right level.



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