This Level III creative writing course runs for 8 weeks from 1 October – 3 December with hiatuses on 29 October and 19 November. The course meets Thursday evenings online from 20:00 – 21:00 Amsterdam time (UTC+2 until 25 October and UTC+1 thereafter). Class size is 6-10 people.

In Level III, writers bring together the skills acquired in Levels I and II. The focus is on deepening the emotional connection in your writing and further developing your own voice and material. Fiction writers work on building and sustaining readers’ interest over longer pieces. Weekly reading assignments and in-class discussions provide inspiration and help you continue to hone your technique.

Each week you’ll have the option to create your own exercise based on that week’s reading or to continue to develop a previous exercise. You can also schedule one night per term to bring in up to two poems or 3000 words (roughly 8 pages) of work outside of the regular syllabus for critique.

This course is open to writers who have completed Level II or who hold a degree in creative writing and by permission of the instructor. If you’re not sure if you qualify, get in touch.

Level III has no set curriculum—each term is different. Most writers take three or more terms of Level III. Writers are considered ready to move to Level IV when they are able to: create clear, detailed preambles to guide the critique of their work; identify and apply techniques relevant to their work from the reading; demonstrate independence and technical mastery in revising and completing stories or poems or drafting a novel; and provide their fellow writers with strong, well-balanced feedback. At the end of each term your instructor will help you decide on the best path forward.



No matter how early you register, if something changes and you can’t join the course, you can let us know at least 72 hours before the first class (so we can offer your spot to someone else) and we’ll give you a complete refund. You can find the full details of our generous refund policy in our terms.


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