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This Level II workshop runs for 8 weeks from 18 April and meets Tuesdays 18:30 – 21:00 at Boekhandel van Rossum, Beethovenstraat 32, 1077 JH Amsterdam. Class size is usually 8-10 people.

Level II builds on the core skills acquired in Level I. The focus is on deepening the emotional connection in your writing and further developing your own voice and material. Fiction writers work on building and sustaining readers’ interest over longer pieces.

In Level II you’ll continue to grow your writerly toolkit through weekly exercises and in-depth analysis of poems and excerpts from stories and novels. The last quarter of the class is focused on carrying forward an exercise—building towards a complete story or publication-ready poem. In addition, writers who’ve completed one term of Level II, have the opportunity to bring in a poem or story outside of the weekly exercises for critique.

This course is open to writers who have completed Level I (or who have an MFA in creative writing or equivalent training) and by permission of the instructor. If you’re new to our group, please drop us a line before registering.

Most writers take three terms of Level II workshops before moving to Level III.


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