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Writing advice from John Grisham

We were lucky enough to hear best-selling author John Grisham speak when he visited Amsterdam in November 2019. Since he …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff8 January 2020

Writing advice from Caoilinn Hughes

In July 2019, Irish writer Caoilinn Hughes gave a special master class with our instructor Karen Kao. Caoilinn is the …Read More

Profile PhotoSarah Carriger22 August 2019

Writing tips from Kristen Roupenian

In April 2019, Kristen Roupenian gave a special master class for our Amsterdam students (photos here). Kristen is the author …Read More

Profile PhotoSarah Carriger11 April 2019

Writing advice from Jennifer Clement

Award-winning novelist, poet, memoirist and PEN International president, Jennifer Clement gave a special master class for our students in January …Read More

Profile PhotoSarah Carriger20 February 2019

What to do when you get stuck

It happens to all of us at one time or another. You sit down to write and stare at the …Read More

Profile PhotoInge Lamboo24 September 2018

5 science-backed tips to boost creativity

As writers, we live for those moments when our connection to our imagination is strong and the words pour out …Read More

Profile PhotoSarah Carriger15 August 2018

Top 10 tips for writing powerful dialogue

It’s happened to all of us. You’re trying to write an emotionally engaging scene and your dialogue comes out sounding …Read More

Profile PhotoSarah Carriger12 July 2018

Writing advice from A.M. Homes

In April 2018 American author A.M. Homes gave a special craft talk for out students with loads of great writing …Read More

Profile PhotoSarah Carriger30 May 2018

5 tips on journaling to become a better writer

Want to become a better writer? Start journaling! Journaling will make your writing richer and help you avoid writer’s block. We …Read More

Profile PhotoSarah Carriger14 April 2018

Writing insights from Jennifer Egan

Pulitzer Prize winning novelist Jennifer Egan on harnessing the power of the subconscious, incorporating research into your fiction, writing a …Read More

Profile PhotoSarah Carriger12 March 2018

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