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Finding your writing kin

Poetry teacher Wende Crowe shares her daily writing practice, her thoughts on community, and what she wished she knew when she first started writing.Read More

Profile PhotoLaura Wetherington11 April 2024

Practicing poetry in conversation with others

Laura Wetherington was lucky. She found her love of poetry early thanks to some great teachers. At ten, she wrote …Read More

Profile PhotoWende Crow21 March 2024

Meet new teacher Sussu Laaksonen

Sussu Laaksonen’s writing career began in her home country, Finland. She has worked in Finnish television and film and translated …Read More

Profile PhotoKaren Kao7 January 2023

Finding joy at the core of creating

Jennifer Gryzenhout has been with the Collective since it began and has been teaching creative writing for a decade. Born …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff8 September 2022

From boardroom to classroom

Karen Kao began teaching at the Collective in 2018. Her debut novel, The Dancing Girl and the Turtle, had just …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff3 July 2022

For the love of a good story

Jennifer van der Kwast started taking classes with the Collective in 2017—looking to connect with a writing community and reengage …Read More

Profile PhotoSarah Carriger1 October 2021

Teaching writers to find the joy and let go of perfectionism

Because of teacher Inge Lamboo’s American accent and effortless command of English, her students are often surprised to learn she’s …Read More

Profile PhotoTineke Broer1 September 2021

Finding the story

There’s no doubt that our online instructor Erik Raschke has a sense of humour—when asked why he moved to the …Read More

Profile PhotoJoan Gannij3 February 2020

In love with languages

Megin Jiménez became fascinated with languages at a young age. She was born in Venezuela but grew up in the …Read More

Profile PhotoJoan Gannij22 November 2019

Thoughts on inspiration, publication and handling rejection

Christina Frei is a former student of mine and now colleague, and it’s been amazing to see how she’s grown …Read More

Profile PhotoSarah Carriger11 March 2017

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