Student profile

Taking a break for creativity

Steven Brodie is a Scottish writer studying in our Level 2 cohort. Born in Ayrshire on the West coast of …Read More

Profile PhotoNatalie Blake3 August 2021

Visual artist turns to words

Catherine Nelson was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, but moved to Europe in 2000. She has lived in Italy, …Read More

Profile PhotoNatalie Blake24 June 2021

When life locks down, creativity opens up!

Vernell Clouden-Duval is a Caribbean-born writer, now living in Massachusetts, who describes herself as a multi-passionate creative. Whether it’s card-making …Read More

Profile PhotoNatalie Blake28 May 2021

Legal advisor gets lyrical

Aram Yazdani was born and raised in what she describes as the best city in the Netherlands, Groningen. Her parents …Read More

Profile PhotoMeron Taye3 March 2021

Pursuing a long-held dream

Sofie Debruyne has done something that many of us dream about: she quit her job to take up writing (and …Read More

Profile PhotoTineke Broer14 January 2021

Health researcher finds peace in poetry

Meron Taye talks about being inspired by her father's stories, overcoming her nerves in her first course, finding inspiration and more.Read More

Profile PhotoLise Brenner15 September 2020

Writer gets his mojo back

John Carnegie discovered reading and writing at an early age. When he was seven and had just lost his father, …Read More

Profile PhotoJoan Gannij23 May 2019

Sneakers, trains, a pen & a piano

Claudia Calori was born in Brescia, Italy, a town known for its steel foundry, not far from Milano. She speaks …Read More

Profile PhotoJoan Gannij11 March 2019

The struggle is real, but worth it

At 13, Jessica Pena created a box full of writings for her future self at 30. She’s currently 29 and …Read More

Profile PhotoKate Moeller7 January 2019

Global nomad finds community online

When asked where she’s from, Wendy Rudder has difficulty pinpointing one place. A Canadian citizen who was born in Trinidad …Read More

Profile PhotoKate Moeller20 November 2018

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