Where to submit historical fiction

This month we’re focusing on great places to submit historical fiction—stories, novellas, novel excerpts, and even poetry. Many magazines are …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff8 April 2020

5 more great places to submit

Looking for a magazine or journal that will publish your fiction, creative nonfiction or poetry? Here are five great options …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff5 March 2020

Free writing contests

Most contests charge hefty fees to enter. For this month’s list we looked for free contests that are open to …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff8 January 2020

Want to see your work in print on paper?

There is something special about seeing your work in a magazine that’s not on a screen, feeling the texture of …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff14 December 2019

10 more annual writing contests to add to your calendar

Writing contests can be a great way to get more exposure for your work. Yes, there are usually submissions fees …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff20 November 2019

7 annual writing contests to add to your calendar

Winning a writing contest is such a morale booster—and the prize money doesn’t hurt either. For our list, we looked …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff21 August 2019

If you want to get published…

Instructor and novelist Karen Kao shares her own experiences and advice on publishing in literary magazines. Last year, I took …Read More

Profile PhotoKaren Kao24 July 2019

New magazines hungry for your work

Submitting to magazines that are just starting out can be a great way to get published. Here are five that …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff7 June 2019

Get published online, fast

If you’re in a hurry to get published or you just hate waiting around to hear if your work has …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff13 May 2019

Publish here to be read and heard

This month we’re focusing on great places to submit that will publish your work in print and/or audio versions. After …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff18 February 2019

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