The Faculty and Student Reading is Back in 2023!

Remember the good old days when once or twice a year the International Writers’ Collective would organize a student reading? …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff6 December 2022

End-of-2022 literary events in Amsterdam and beyond

2022 is coming to a close so we thought we’d give you a head’s up for literary happenings into 2023. …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff6 December 2022

Meet Tint Journal editor-in-chief Lisa Schantl

Lisa Schantl is Austrian by birth and global by vision. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of Tint Journal, a …Read More

Profile PhotoKaren Kao6 December 2022

Ten great gifts for the writer in your life

Every writer needs the gift of inspiration. Maybe it’s that perfect notebook or a long-coveted subscription to a favorite literary …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff6 November 2022

Pimp my query letter

The journey from completed manuscript to published manuscript is long and arduous. There will be ups and downs, moments of …Read More

Profile PhotoJennifer van der Kwast5 November 2022

Journals that are pushing boundaries

The journals on this list are pushing boundaries–form, genre, geographic, and social–and they’re eager for your work! Many are speculative, …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff4 November 2022

It’s practice, practice, practice

Inge Wallage is a passionate and engaging storyteller. While she is originally from the Netherlands and based in Amsterdam, she …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff8 October 2022

Podcasts for inspiration

Long ago, in 1992, before podcasts were ever created, Julia Cameron presented a simple equation, feed your mind and it …Read More

Profile PhotoEmanda Percival7 October 2022

Where to Submit Your Flash Fiction

Flash fiction digs down to the essence. It gives the reader a bite-sized taste of a world beyond their own. …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff6 October 2022

Where to Submit: September/October 2022

If you’ve been writing over the summer, maybe you have a piece that’s ready for publication? Luckily, many presses are …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff8 September 2022

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