Top 20 places to submit speculative fiction

We love the weird and wonderful world of speculative fiction! If you write fantasy, science fiction, horror or even just …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff5 September 2018

5 science-backed tips to boost creativity

As writers, we live for those moments when our connection to our imagination is strong and the words pour out …Read More

Profile PhotoSarah Carriger15 August 2018

Netherlands literary scene – August

Here’s our rundown of upcoming international literary events in The Netherlands for August 2018. Events are in English unless otherwise noted. Most …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff2 August 2018

Great places to submit for new & unpublished writers

It can be intimidating sending out your writing for the first time (or even the 10th time), so this month …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff24 July 2018

Top 10 tips for writing powerful dialogue

It’s happened to all of us. You’re trying to write an emotionally engaging scene and your dialogue comes out sounding …Read More

Profile PhotoSarah Carriger12 July 2018

Netherlands literary scene – June/July

Here’s our rundown of upcoming international literary events in The Netherlands for June & July 2018. Events are in English unless …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff16 June 2018

Where to submit long short stories

If you think ‘brevity is the soul of wit’ is a bunch of hooey, this month’s list is for you. …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff1 June 2018

Writing advice from A.M. Homes

In April 2018 American author A.M. Homes gave a special craft talk for out students with loads of great writing …Read More

Profile PhotoSarah Carriger30 May 2018

Great places to submit: International edition

Wondering where to submit your poetry, flash fiction and short stories? We have searched the globe to find you great …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff10 May 2018

Journalist finds joy in fiction

Angel Orozco modestly says he considers himself just “someone who likes stories and learning about writing,” not a writer. But …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff5 May 2018

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