Writer discovers her superpower

Susan J. Nassuna has been an ardent reader and a lover of the written word from childhood. It’s a passion …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff15 October 2017

Where do authors find inspiration?

So many amazing international authors visited Amsterdam and The Hague over the past few weeks: Nicole Krauss, Mohsin Hamid, Jeanette …Read More

Profile PhotoSarah Carriger26 September 2017

5 tips for getting published

What does it take to get published in a literary journal? We get a lot of questions along these lines …Read More

Profile PhotoSarah Carriger15 September 2017

6 great places for themed submissions

Submitting for a themed issue can narrow the playing field and improve your chances of having your piece accepted. Below …Read More

Profile PhotoSarah Carriger25 August 2017

Adventures in writing

Tim Voors never dreamed of being writer. As a kid growing up in the hills of Sussex, he was always …Read More

Profile PhotoKate Frangos11 August 2017

5 great places to submit your short stories

We’ve done flash fiction, we’ve done poetry, and now it’s your turn, short story writers! Here are five great places to submit. All the …Read More

Profile PhotoSarah Carriger10 August 2017

5 tips for a memorable memoir

We had a number of memoirists in our workshops this spring so we thought we’d put together some tips that …Read More

Profile PhotoSarah Carriger20 July 2017

From avid reader to avid writer

Marie Medevielle just finished her second term with teacher Inge Lamboo. The course has been such an inspiration for her that …Read More

Profile PhotoKate Frangos6 July 2017

5 great places to submit your poetry

Ready to submit but wondering where? Wonder no more. We have five great suggestions for you—journals made with love that …Read More

Profile PhotoSarah Carriger6 June 2017

A commitment to creativity

You would think that Surya Ramkumar would have no time for anything else aside from her family (she has two …Read More

Profile PhotoKate Frangos19 May 2017

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