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Jennifer van der Kwast is an American writer currently (and happily) based in Amsterdam. Her novel, Pounding the Pavement, was published by Doubleday in 2005. Prior to moving to the Netherlands in 2011, Jennifer lived in New York City where she worked for the Harold Ober Literary Agency. The prestigious list of agency clients included the estates of F. Scott Fitzgerald and JD Salinger. One of her primary responsibilities was saying no to people who called to ask if they could adapt Catcher in the Rye into a film. Jennifer's travel articles and personal essays have appeared in New York Magazine, Time Out Amsterdam and most recently in the Washington Post. She used to write extensively about food, but now that she has two children under the age of six, she no longer dares to enter a restaurant.

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Profile PhotoJennifer van der Kwast5 November 2022

How to start a writing group

You probably have this already figured out: for a writer, community is invaluable. You need other people to help keep …Read More

Profile PhotoJennifer van der Kwast4 August 2021

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