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More journals and contests hungry for your work

The editors of SAND, Wyldblood Press and F(r)iction and the organisers of the Perito Prize have reached out to us …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff5 August 2020

Netherlands literary scene – May (quarantine edition)

We got a bit of a late start this month, but here’s our rundown of upcoming literary events in the …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff17 May 2020

Writing contests with summer deadlines

Winning a writing contest is a great way to get the attention of publishers and agents — the money, publication …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff16 May 2020

Where to submit historical fiction

This month we’re focusing on great places to submit historical fiction—stories, novellas, novel excerpts, and even poetry. Many magazines are …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff8 April 2020

Netherlands literary scene – April (quarantine edition)

Here’s our rundown of upcoming literary events in the Netherlands – what’s cancelled, what’s postponed and what’s happening online. Stay …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff2 April 2020

Coronavirus response

Based on the rapidly evolving situation with COVID-19 in the Netherlands (map of confirmed cases here) we have decided to …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff15 March 2020

5 more great places to submit

Looking for a magazine or journal that will publish your fiction, creative nonfiction or poetry? Here are five great options …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff5 March 2020

Netherlands literary scene – March

Here’s our rundown of upcoming international literary events in Amsterdam, The Hague, Leiden and Utrecht for March 2020 and beyond. …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff2 March 2020

Netherlands literary scene – February

Here’s our rundown of upcoming international literary events in Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht for February 2020 and beyond. Events …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff3 February 2020

Writing advice from John Grisham

We were lucky enough to hear best-selling author John Grisham speak when he visited Amsterdam in November 2019. Since he …Read More

Profile PhotoIWC Staff8 January 2020

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