If you’ve dreamed of being a writer but were afraid to try, this is for you. If you love to write, but can never find the time, this is for you. If you read the words of your favourite authors and despair that you’ll ever be that good, this is definitely for you.
At the International Writers’ Collective we believe that anyone with the desire and dedication can learn to write—and write amazingly well—with proper guidance. We've seen the proof over and over again in our classes.
Our core workshops help you master the skills and techniques to reach your full potential as a poet or fiction writer, as well as providing a writing community to support you every step of the way. The workshops are cumulative—each of the levels builds on the skills and techniques acquired in the one before. We recommend most people start at Level I. If you already have a degree in creative writing or have taken numerous technique-focused workshops, contact us and we’ll help you find the right level.
From time to time, we also offer special classes—focused on a particular genre or skill set, for example, story structure, poetic form or publishing. Depending on the material, these range in duration from a single evening or weekend to multiple sessions over the course of several weeks.
Need help with a particular project or have difficulty fitting a workshop into your schedule? Consider private coaching. We can help you with a specific project or work in progress or design an individualised learning programme based on your needs and your schedule.

Overcoming your fears

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