5 more great places to submit

Looking for a magazine or journal that will publish your fiction, creative nonfiction or poetry? Here are five great options for  emerging writers. They are all open to simultaneous submissions and do not charge fees. And they don’t keep you waiting around forever for an answer! For more great places to submit, see our other posts on publishing. If you’re new to the submissions process, you might also want to check our post with 5 tips for getting published.

Note: We are a creative writing school and compile these lists for the benefit of our students. Please don’t send us your publishing queries or submissions :). Click on the green links to go to the publication’s website and look for their submissions page. 

Belle Ombre is “committed to publishing emerging writers in fiction and non-fiction, poetry and the arts, alongside well-known and experienced names”. They accept stories (no word limits), novel excerpts, essays and poetry. They put out one print edition per year and publish online on a rolling basis. The editors tend to accept fast—often under a month—and reject slow.

The Collidescope values writing that is “subversive in nature, that is art for art’s sake” and they love magical realism and the surreal/slipstream. They publish fiction (everything from flash to novel excerpts), nonfiction and poetry monthly online. The editors ask for 90 days to make a decision but often respond in under a month.

The Door is Ajar Magazine seeks “well-crafted writing that has cadence, personality, and uses familiar language to take readers on a journey”. They publish two issues per year in print and online and accept flash fiction, creative nonfiction (up to 1000 words) and poetry.  They ask for 180 days to make a decision but often get back within less than 2 months.

Across the Margin is “a home for writers and wordsmiths, those who revere honesty and idolize wordplay….” They publish on a rolling basis online. Send in your fiction (no word limits), creative nonfiction and poetry. They tend to accept fast—often within a month or so—and reject slow, sometimes very slow.

(mac)ro(mic) is looking for pieces that “tell a (mac)ro story in a (mic)ro word count” for online publication. They accept fiction and creative nonfiction of 1000 words or less and often respond with a yes or no in under a month.

5 March 2020

5 responses on "5 more great places to submit"

  1. Hi, I am looking for a publisher. I have a manuscript of a short non fiction story about my journey suffering mental illness and the transformation I experienced with a new generation medicine.
    My name is Ranjana Hutheram

  2. Sayed Nasrullah Shipu13 June 2020 at 00:56Reply

    I want to a poet so that everybody know to me………
    It’smy wish……
    Everyonepray for me as if i will be a poe….

    My nameis Sayed Nasrullah (Shipu)

  3. Hi I have great intrest in writing poems
    But I didn’t get any platform
    To show my tallent so
    Please let me know if any one
    Have any response to me
    My name is Parinaz

  4. I have written a short story about a fortune- teller whose prediction turns ultimately true. But it was too late…..

  5. I have composed 30 poems in the last 30 day.

    I want a reputed platform to publish one by one.The subject matter in the poems depict different hues of life.

    Any takers?

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