5 great places to submit year-round

Unlike the many publications that only accept submissions during one or two reading periods per year, the magazines and journals on this month’s list accept work whenever you have it ready. Currently, none require fees and all accept simultaneous submissions. As always, read their guidelines carefully and take a look at previous issues to make sure your story, essay or poems are a good fit.

For more great places to submit as well as our best tips on getting published, check out our other lists and resources.

Note: We are a creative writing school and compile these lists for the benefit of our students. Please don’t send us your publishing queries or submissions :). Click on the green links to go to the publication’s website and look for their submissions page.

Milk Candy Review publishes one story a week. They want your beautifully weird, lyrical flash fiction pieces of up to 750 words. The editors try to make a decision within 7 days and often get back in less.

wildness publishes quarterly issues online and has been featured on a number of “Best of” lists. Co-founder & editor Michelle Tudor judged our summer 2019 student reading. They’re looking for fiction, non-fiction and poetry that evokes the unknown, the lostness, the distance. Max word limit is 2.5K. They ask for 30 days to make a decision but often get back in less.

Pithead Chapel publishes fiction (including flash), creative nonfiction and prose poetry monthly. Their max word limit is 4K. They ask for 6 months to make a decision but often get back within a couple of weeks.

X–R-A-Y Literary Magazine publishes online more-or-less daily. They’re looking for uncomfortable, entertaining, unforgettable prose. Max word limit is 2K. They aim to make a decision within 5 weeks but it sometimes takes a little longer.

Woven Tale Press publishes fiction (including flash), poetry, creative non-fiction and art in 10 digital issues per year. Part of their mission is to help writers and artists grow their online presence, so if you have a website or blog, this is a great publisher for you. Max word limit is 6.5K. They aim to respond within 8 weeks and often get back sooner.

15 September 2020

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