5 great places to submit your poetry

Ready to submit but wondering where? Wonder no more. We have five great suggestions for you—journals made with love that are friendly to emerging poets. All the entries on our list have no required fees and are open to simultaneous submissions. If you’re in a hurry, make sure to check out our list of great places to submit your poetry if you hate to wait.

  1. Thrush Poetry – is looking for poems of up to one page with strong imagery, emotion, and with interesting use of language. They nominate for most major prizes, anthologies and awards; they try to respond to all submissions within 10 days of receipt, and they provide feedback on submissions whenever possible. We love these guys!
  2. Rust+Moth – is open for submissions year-round and publish poems online as they accept them. Four times a year they gather the poems published on their site into collections, which are made available in print as well as online. They pride themselves on their quick turnaround time (a rare and valuable quality in a lit mag) and they nominate for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net.
  3. Dime Show Review – this journal also made our flash fiction list  (they take short stories too). They publish online and in print and they nominate for the Pushcart Prize. If your poem is accepted, there’s a chance you may also be selected for audio publication—a cool perk.
  4. Yes, Poetry – includes three poets per quarterly issue along with interviews with each poet. They also regularly publish poems between issues, including a series called #NotTrump. We say yes!
  5. SOFTBLOW – this international journal has been around since 2004 and only does poetry, including prose poetry. They feature a handful of new poets on their website every month. They generally respond within a few weeks and often within days of submission.
19 August 2018

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  1. One of the best latest website for poets and writers is https://ryfma.com, awesome design!

  2. Last night the devil came to me
    He said, you are lost but I can make
    you free
    But he wanted my body and not my soul
    can you believe that!
    What an asshole!

  3. Great tips — I knew only Thrush, but will try the others–nice to have the international view. Thank you!

  4. I want to fly high;
    Without any sigh,
    I want to conquer my dreams;
    Without any complex dreams;
    I want to experience peace;
    Without any materialistic piece,
    I want to be joyful;
    Without any change that is hurtful,
    I want to be me;
    Without any perfection that the world wants to be.

    – all I want is this.

  5. On the African site

    It is a warm country because of it many cultures
    It’s powerful than ever
    It is a loving country
    With infinite love which is

  6. I am an IWP participant of Iowa.I live in Kathmandu,Nepal where people are more conscious in creative activities.My inspiration is my father who wrote and published more than 50 books in different genres of literature, in his life time.But my writing is rushing far enough from his due to time factor.I write especially poetry and fiction and have published 17 books altogether(poetry/fiction/drama/combined fictions).When I found this website in searching the activities in poetry in global level I was extremely excited.We the writers have become universal and so I am happy knowing I am not alone in earth !

  7. make me fly with you ,
    to a place where no hellhound can find us,
    a place full of blitheness .
    where i do not need to escape from the reality ,
    as my life with you will be full of gaiety .

  8. Thanks for share this information.

  9. Check out the Magazine Contest at Big Pond Rumours International Literary E-Zine. There are independent judges for both poetry and prose. For a $10 CDN submission fee you can submit up to 80 lines of poetry or a short fiction piece up to 3,500 words. 1st prize is $100 CDN and publication. 2nd prize id $50 CDN and publication. 3rd prize is publication and these three poems and three stories will be published in a special Contest section of the E-Zine. Deadline is December 15, 2018. We invite you to check out the website and the current issue of the magazine or look at the archives.

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  12. Our journal, South Broadway Ghost Society, http://www.soboghoso.org is always looking for new content as well!

    Thank you for this article.

  13. O heaven! the comfort zone of saints
    You ‘re high above the earth
    Your nature with here is ain’t
    To sight you is speedily nudging forth.

    Your abode cease to be for more
    As everyone meant to be there not
    Why? You have your law for explore
    And few decide your worth.

    That buldging lonely narrow
    Seems to be your fate,
    Only through which men can hallow
    As a bulwark of your state.

    To seek you scars the joy
    And the faithful gets more hate
    But your rubies worth the toil
    And your Glory shuns the loathe.

  14. I see the mountains covered in white and walk alone listening to the sound of life.
    I feel the cold breeze touching my heart and the sun shining bright.
    While the small animals pass by, the travelers fly way up high and the curious ones hide by.
    Things were made so prefectly, yet how come we ruined what used to be?

    Inside the train i lose my mind, lost in a place where i wish were mine.
    I look to the strangers sitting on the other seats and think?
    Who are they, what have they seen?
    Do they also see the world like me?

  15. Once upon a time, my dreams came true
    everything feels like home
    the sky touches my soul
    as the wind passes through my face

    oh, the silence of the night is a lust
    the stars brought so much joy in my heart
    the cool breeze went deep down my body
    The peace is having sex with me.

    I dont want this to end,
    I want this to last,
    i want you inside me so bad
    please dont leave me soon…..

  16. Dr sangeeta saxena6 May 2019 at 15:34Reply

    I have a collection of fifty poems,wondering where to publish.

  17. Savannah Wood Karnes15 May 2019 at 21:26Reply


    Long, skinny, gaunt hands,
    Trying to write after 20 years of captivity
    How did you let yourself get kidnapped?

    New York is the glowing sea that light up the whole country
    I was 11
    Care free, walking to the bus station
    Friend by my side

    Then sudden darkness,
    No smell of fresh cut grass
    No smell of my mom’s famous peanut butter chocolate cookies
    I just woke up in a prison

  18. i would like to go for yes poems but i am from another county so how will they interview me?

  19. i have 22 poems and am only 18 years old. im from Africa, Zimbabwe and i need a platform to show my talent to the world.i am in high school but my heart is straight into poetry.i need help

  20. Great Post thanks for sharing.

  21. This one http://www.rattle.com is awesome too and includes a monthly work of art for poets to submit an ekphrastic poem on and also a weekly topical current event submittal request that ever runs. Also, Black Bough poetry is very new, but edition one had two poet laureates and it is likely worth getting involved early with this one 🙂

  22. I work in Iraq and my wife writes me daily poems, I would really like to try and get them published somewhere for her, any advice would be gratefully received.

    Poetry comes from those who have feeling..
    They could be in love, been hurt or just healing.
    For me it’s the love that I feel in my heart..
    I knew on that night, I knew from the start.
    Love at first sight or some call it fate..
    That was the night when I met my soulmate
    You’ve taught me a lot, how to love most of all
    I opened my heart and I let myself fall..

    I’m still falling baby..

    This would be the first one in the book for me, I have many more like this.

  23. i would like to go for yes poems but i am from another county so how will they interview me?


  25. teachers
    if we are knife for a questions
    you are a life for students
    if we violent for success
    you will show silent for success
    we are object
    you are our subject
    i have my photo in banner
    because you will show me manner
    we are nation
    you are our nation builder
    i will start a letter from way
    you will show me a way
    md kaif

  26. Good morning I am a 41 yr old male living in a residential home in Bradford called The Heather’s I have lived somewhat of a coloured life including
    Coma, stroke, brain surgery, a stabbing incident, homelessness and unfortunately prison but I believe it is these adversities life throws towards us that in turn make us better people like chrysalis to butterfly I overcame these hurdles and in turn became a better person for it. I hope with some guidance I will publish my book entitled Mind over matter which I hope in turn could show people that there will always be light at the end of the tunnel and I believe my story proves this. I hope to write a book with a collection of my poems including art and poetry that relates to my past life thus showing people that you can climb that mountain and become a better person for it.

  27. I would appreciate it greatly if you could contact me in the next 48 hrs and hopefully we could arrange a consultation to talk about me publishing my book entitled ‘Mind over Matter’ showing that life can throw us many an obstacle it is for us to tackle these obstacles and in turn becoming a better person for it. Feel free to call me at any time between 9 am – 5 pm to arrange a meeting to talk about my avenues as a writer.
    yours thankfully
    Daniel Hill

  28. Sir,I am from Pakistan and I have composed a poem .The poems title is,King in Dream.I want to publish .please help me in this matter.Thanks

  29. Some days I don’t even think about you
    Other days I have a million questions
    But I never utter them because I know I will never get an answer.

    Some days you are the only thing on my mind
    My curiosity gets the better of me and I find myself dreaming of what ifs
    But then I crash back down to reality

    Some days I need a warm embrace, or encouraging words
    Just to help me through the day, but then I remember
    That I don’t have that with you.

    Some days are more important than others, wedding dress shopping
    For instance, standing there crying on my own wishing for a person that I don’t know
    To help me make the decision, but instead I am alone.

    Some days I get jealous of people I don’t know when I see them with their mums
    Is it wrong to want to share that experience if only for a day?
    I don’t know why you didn’t want me, I never will

    But some days it hurts, it hurts so bad the feeling of rejection
    Follows me round, and I have never felt good enough for anyone
    And that’s why I will always be alone

    Some days are just harder than others

  30. Laying in the dark, 
    staring at the ceiling,
    Hoping that I’d fly,
    Instead of feeling these feelings.
    Looking at this now,I know it is different,
    But different is good,Up until this moment.
    I’m all knowing of my situation,
    But instead of dealing with it,
    i’m dealing my feelings,
    They take one look on the card and see the horror, 
    But then they learn the lesson and it makes them better,
    They tried to help me but I won’t let them in,
    The door is locked and i’m not giving in.
    After all is said and done,
    I am destined to fall,
    But until then I will carry it all.

  31. Save Water
    Free Verse Poem
    We drink and use water,
    Without knowing what it does,
    What benefits it gives,
    Water is around but has decreased,
    Without knowing that the world is drying,
    Before the leaves get crooked up as life,
    We need to save water, to save our life,
    Water helps everything,
    As we need to help it too,
    We do not need water just to drink and use,
    We need it, to help it, so it can help us too.
    http://www.poemtheart.com (Sarah Shahzad)

  32. Oh Unai Emery you came into our club with hope.
    Unfortunately you turned out to be a dope.
    We all had high aspirations of you being a success,
    But we ended up being a lot less.
    It’s time for you to go Unai Emery
    and leave us from our memory.

  33. Illegitimate son I am what people would say
    All to exclaim it clear my fear dismay
    I have no money now what to do
    Cannot I ask it of what we persue
    I don’t like study’s how I exclaim
    I could be denigrated I can’t proclaim
    My parenting is faulty a matter to hush
    Can’t I manifest it and can’t I fuss
    People who does wrong cant tell their way
    But it lies as if a fault that I have a way
    I may love God but it is a matter to endure
    No one often comes in front only thoughts I procure
    I life certain subjects I love never get I that
    Excessive crave I for it people may laugh
    My love is taboo may feel of it I true
    People would emancipate me for not to ensue
    I want to be a good friend according to my thoughts
    Find the same in manywhere but never one I got

  34. I tried publishing a poem on medium, https://medium.com/@dr.david.h.akehurst/friendship-gods-way-b80887e04be3

    But I don’t think that it is the right place to publish it…..anyone got a better suggestion?
    I’ll try some of those in the article above.

  35. You can also submit your poems to the Poetry Cooperative. Publish a poem there or send your submission for publication in the monthly Poetry Cooperative Magazine.

  36. thank you so much for this beautiful post.

  37. Great Post Thanks for sharing.

  38. Thanks for a great post. Just in case anyone is looking for more places, let me tell you about the website I’ve set up. On the Poetry Cooperative website you can register for free and publish and promote your poems straight away. Paid member will get help promoting their work. Check it out and see.

  39. You Are My Love

    The day i met you,
    My empty heart was full,
    And the sadness from heart ,
    Became the unwanted truth.
    When i am tried,
    You recharge me which your looks,
    It is very strange feeling inside,
    But you can’t see it
    But when you open my heart
    why is it always you

  40. i am Sanjana. its my first time writing poem.So please guide me.
    Golden illusion
    I was brought with a cage,
    To keep as a showcase.
    I was happy I got a home,
    Where I was treasured with my sole.
    I was amused to see my kind fly,
    Dreamed that one day even I would touch the sky.
    I was in love in my golden cage, it was my pride
    After all it made me looked luxurious and bright.
    I became a dreamer as days passed by
    Who knew I would be hurt by my own golden pride.
    I was overjoyed, my wings have grown big enough to fly,
    But I forgot there was gold between me and sky.
    I flapped my wings wish for a miracle,
    But nothing happened.
    I was desperate to touch that sky, flapped my wings again,
    But got wounded by my golden cage.
    I saw a harsh reality
    That I was fooled by my own fantasy.
    I got to know my pride was in my flight,
    Not in cage which stopped me to reach my heights.
    I was starving to fly,
    To make my wings touch the sky.
    I imagine today, there is no cage in my way.
    I am in my full spirits, to fly in the sky,
    Cage has vanishes to dust and I fly to heavenly sky.
    I am flying, making my fantasy to reality
    Now I’m on my way to make danger my bestie.
    Sanjana Sharma

  41. Anindya Sundar Paul28 April 2020 at 08:22Reply

    How to publish my poem international poetry or your blog? Please me a suggestion along with send me some international poetry site name…

  42. Parikshit Srivastava11 May 2020 at 18:03Reply

    I write a poem for my mother please have a look

    मेरी माँ

    आंखो में जिसके प्यार रहे,
    लबों पे हमेशा मन्नत ।
    माँ की गोद के आगे,
    क्या होगी जन्नत ।

    माँ प्यार है , माँ शक्ति है ।
    माँ पूजा है , माँ भक्ति है ।
    माँ शंख है , माँ अज़ान है ।
    माँ गीता है , माँ कुरान है ।
    माँ शान है , माँ अभिमान है ।
    माँ जान है , माँ पहचान है ।
    माँ बलिदान है , माँ भगवान है ।
    माँ में ही ये दुनिया है,
    माँ में ही ब्रम्हाण्ड है ।

    माँ ने लिखना सिखाया ,
    माँ ने ही पढ़ना सिखाया ।
    जिन्दगी की हर जंग से ,
    माँ ने ही लड़ना सिखाया ।
    माँ ने ही चलना सिखाया ,
    चल के जो मै गिर गया ,
    तो माँ ने ही सम्भल्ना सिखाया ।

    सुर्य सा है तेज तुझमें ,
    चांद सा सौंदर्य है ।
    सितारों सी है चमक तुझमें ,
    जल सा तुझमें धैर्य है ।

    माँ वैद्य है , माँ हकीम है ,
    माँ के बिना धुंधला सा ये जहान,
    माँ से ही दुनिया ये रंगीन है ।

    दिन भर माँ तू चलती है,
    एक पल भी न आराम करे ।
    बस मन मे सिर्फ अपने,
    बच्चो के अरमान धरे ।

    इतना जो तू चलती है
    क्यों माँ तू न थकती है
    ऐसी कौन सी शक्ति है
    जो तू अपने अन्दर रखती है।

    तुझमे ही सारे तीर्थ माँ,
    तुझमें ही चारो धाम दिखे
    तुझमें ही अल्लाह दिखते हैं
    तुझमें ही बस भगवान दिखे।

    माँ से उपर कोई न है ,
    माँ ही है सर्वोपरि ।
    माँ से जन्मे थे श्री राम,
    माँ से जन्मे कृष्णा भी,
    माँ से जन्मे हैं गुरु सब
    माँ से जन्मे हैं सभी ।

    “माँ तुझे नमन🙏🙏”

    Written by
    Parikshit Srivastava

  43. We meet
    We part
    The memory still remains
    The future awaits
    By Jude Olaboboye

  44. Gasham Najafzadeh Azerbaijan17 May 2020 at 14:25Reply

    Gasham Najafzadeh
    War is an expression of feelings,
    the song of the bullets an artistic style,
    the soldiers a rapid succession of thoughts
    and blood the fearsome silence of a minute.
    I once looked at the boot
    of a dead soldier,
    still not cold inside.
    It stood straight up
    in remembrance of feet.
    Boots are what tell us most
    Of the death of a man.
    That is why the wedding-ring
    on the trigger-finger
    begs the finger every time:
    I implore you, please ,
    don’t push me against the metal.
    The soldier’s grief in the trenches
    is best asked of the foot.
    At times, the dirt sticking to the boot
    is the mark of tension inside.
    In a word, the boot
    Is the most mournful picture
    of the absence of a man.

  45. Gasham Najafzadeh Azerbaijan17 May 2020 at 14:29Reply

    A PARK
    It is as this park
    is a painting
    hanging from the collar of the city.
    The benches are green
    and the people on them,
    especially the young boys and grils,
    are its forest dreams.
    The winds of time have welded them
    tightly onto the benches.
    A woman has kept her balance,
    holding her child by the hand.
    Look! That gril, a student perhaps,
    has held firmly on with two hands
    to the thoughts in her heart
    and remains standing.
    The trees too still stand.
    If you think about it
    these trees were planted
    with human looks.
    The wind, an onlooker,
    blows across the painting
    and shakes the trees.
    But the woman
    holds her child tightly by the hand.
    She wishes to go nowhere.
    How sad that time
    will one day
    take the painting away
    like a curator at an exhibition.

    Gasham Najafzadeh Azeribajan

  46. A great place for Poetry,Read the varied collection of poems here

  47. Respected sir/maam
    I’m. Looking forward to get a publication for my Hindi poetry, novel and for stories.
    Kindly let me know the right way to get a opportunity to publish my work.

    Aditi Singh Bhadauriya.

  48. Aditi Singh bhadauriya28 May 2020 at 19:48Reply

    Looking forward an opportunity for my Hindi poetry, novel and stories.

  49. apoorva jhanwer30 May 2020 at 23:04Reply

    Lost and Found

    We chase our dreams,
    and come a step closer.
    We loose our comforts,
    to discover lands foreign.
    We keep moving forward,
    and get lost in world maze.
    We face our worst fears,
    to keep learning new strengths.
    We distance for adventure,
    and come back to survive.

  50. Darkness prevails everywhere,
    No light, No door,
    Just me & my mess,
    Waiting for my demise to happen.

    Mind playing tricks,
    My body shuttering down like bricks.
    Thousand lives have passed by
    Still there is no hope to cure.

    Closed my eyes
    Waiting to float down to unknown,
    When in came the flashes of Polaroids
    Of you and me together.

    All smiles, all euphoric moments we made
    All blues and black moments we shared together,
    Dances before my eyes,
    Just like it was yesterday.

    We intertwined our pinkies,
    And crossed our hearts,
    That we will never leave each other,
    Till our deaths drive us apart.

    But here I’m
    Waiting for my fall
    When will apocalypse approach?
    When will my tears subdue icicle?

    What happened to our promise?
    What happened to our ships?
    Is it in its harbor?
    Or am I too late to save it?

    An epiphany dawned on me
    Like a light dawns on shadow,
    Its never too late to start a new thing,
    Its never too late to revive it all.

    I will be there with you, my dear,
    I will never leave your hand again.
    We will strive through life together,
    We will meet its dead end together.

    A door opens in the darkness,
    I went through it
    At once I saw you with me
    At once, I saw Hiw beautiful my life is!

  51. Would it be ok to try to publish in more than one? Or submit to all of them at the same time? Or is it best to focus on just one and see where it gets before trying another. I imagine some would prefer to be publishing things that haven’t been published elsewhere?

  52. “One day, you’ll remember the girl who loved you so much that she forgot to love herself.
    You’ll remember her when you wake up, when you eat, when you’re about to sleep. She will be your greatest nightmare.
    You will be the one crying, and she will be gona far away forever and you will never be able to get her back that will be too late .
    One day, you’ll regret losing her.
    You lost the girl who truly loved you with open hands and heart.
    You lost the girl who was just fighting for her love and you always took it wrong thought she is drama queen.
    You lost her because of your ego and attitude and anger .
    You always thought you are right she is wrong but all she was fighting for her love .
    You lost the girl who stayed by your side even if you threw harsh words to her she still came back to you all time when ever what ever way .
    You lost the girl who tried to understand you when she needed you most and you were not there but she still understood you despite having lots of pain in her life she always smiled.
    You always thought she was strong to see what happening around her but to be honest you never seen pain inside her what how she was feeling.
    You thought you can do anything and she smile at you but if she even say she will do you shouted at her.
    You think about others happiness but she thought about yours.
    You think she is happy but look closely to her into her eyes you will know how heavy her heart is but it will be too late she will be gona.
    You will wait for her one day like she is doing now for you but it will be too late she will be gona forever so far.
    You will realise one day what wrong you have done but it will be too late.
    You think she is bossy a fighter but one day you will know she was not.
    You thought she never understood you but she only know how she understood you and cared for you .
    You think she never appreciated anything, but honestly she appreciated every seconds you spend with her.
    You thought she dont know this and that but u will know one day but it will be too late
    You know she knew always when u lied to her she fight for it but you always said you are wrong with your loud voice.
    You know she knows very well you have feelings for her and love her but you always lie to her she knew it .
    You know she feels shit in her life but still let it be because she dont want to loose you
    You know that’s all she wants to tell you
    You know she can write a book if she tells more about how she is and how she feels
    You know she just want you be happy and enjoy your life

    You know this is her story……

    Jeet Kaur

  53. Please check out my new Poem/Life blog – jack of all poets

  54. Binoj Peethambaran11 June 2020 at 08:34Reply

    Dear All,
    A poem which I have composed on children for children to lift up everyone’s spirit in these corona Days. Plz publish it. BUDS ON THE EARTH…..

    Buds on the Earth…..

    Oh! Children you are the greatest gifts of God
    Your cheers and charm bring the world to a smile
    Your innocence teach us the value of a prized possession
    You are the air on which the life breathe

    The focus on which you have at home and school
    Are the ones which we have to learn
    Those days when we were you what you are today
    With time all those die out from us

    You play, hop, jump and run making yourself merry
    You vibrate the surrounds with your gusto
    Tree and plants, the moon and the sun, all watch you
    The wind blows like a breeze to sneak into your spirits

    Your mind is delightful and free from all worries
    You are full of live and curiosity
    You care for the birds and animals
    You shed tears when the nature is at risk

    Without you the parks and picnic spots are null and void
    It is you who fill the space
    When bird and planes fly above you
    You glue your senses to see its sails

    You have a bag full of interrogations
    That make us swirl our senses
    To find answers to your inquisitiveness
    At times we fail and you win

    There are so many things that we learn from you
    Your love and spirit can never be questioned
    We wish that we should not have grown
    With lapse of time everything changes

    There are ups and down in life
    Seeing you the downs never let us down
    You make us wake up from our fall
    The energy and passion stem in us

    Your lovely eyes are filled with adoration
    Your words are full of innocence
    You are the unfading buds
    That adore the park of Heaven on the Earth.

    -bps- ( binoj peethambarn Santhamma)

  55. Asghar Ali (Daghee)14 June 2020 at 14:22Reply

    I want to enter as poet
    Here is a few poet .

    The Known & unknown ways!
    we meet known & unknown people ,
    some of them be a fruit full of life!
    some of them provide the stigma of life!

    If you have desire the sense of flower!
    Then you have to ideas about prickles,
    Flower can give you its sense.
    But prickle not only will destroy your soul !
    And also injure your whole life .

    The way of heart, I am wondering here and there, Alone
    There is no one in it to tell me the right way or goal !
    I am wondering ,Alone, in the street of heard here and there,
    without aim without goal,
    At last, I will found Him,Whom I am wondering in the ways of hearts!!!
    Oh Asghar Daghee.

  56. Boghos L. Artinian MD16 June 2020 at 16:03Reply


    Hit by a bullet
    a man lies bleeding
    precious fluids and cells
    into the earth.

    Hit my a meteor
    a spaceship drifts, leaking
    precious gases and people
    into empty space.

    Boghos L. Artinian MD

  57. Cycling poems

    Col du Galibier

    If soul and legs
    find each other – small bliss
    at great height


    Hoesberg Hill

    So many wayside crosses –
    in this Romish landscape
    you never suffer alone


    Passo dello Stelvio

    With great legs
    life is a climb
    hors catégorie


    Col du Glandon

    Lonely slaving away
    to the top – there is no end
    to this fun


    Miel Vanstreels

  58. Religion breeds superstition
    Or Superstition leads the religion
    Caught up with the thought so arcane
    Hypothetical questions blowing mind like hurricane

    Human created god!
    Or God created human!
    Anyone there to solve this mystery
    From the archaic realms bundled in the history

    Isn’t God just a belief?
    Used for ulterior motives and self relief!
    Isn’t religion just a ploy?
    Spun and twisted to be pushed as a coy!

    Superstition defies the act of science
    The people loose all their astute and conscience
    Religion couched in fore to divide and rule
    Leaving people behind in race to compete like a mule.

    Whom am I to vilipend?
    People will use these till the end
    Debate between religion and science will never finish
    Beg your pardon if I made something to diminish.

    Science without religion is lame
    Religion without Science is blind
    Both should propel with rational and logic
    Else would be always be obscure and pelagic.

  59. http://www.arunawasthy.com Blog with poems..please give the feedback as I am new to this poetry field

  60. Thank you for the suggestions. I have always wanted to share my written works but never had the courage to.
    I have managed to bring that courage and built a website to post my writings which is at http://myheartout2theworld.wordpress.com/. I am hoping that this will also inspire others to write and share their poetry.

  61. Augustine Belford18 July 2020 at 04:10Reply

    There’s a young digital publication named Skrews that specializes in “dark” poetry. The main audience are amateur poets with a focus on resolving some of those more difficult moments of life we all go through from time to time. Submissions are free at the current time.


  62. Thank you for sharing these amazing platforms for a global audience.If interested in poetry,i would recommend visiting shreyaspoetry.blogspot.com
    I’ll be awaiting feed backs in the comment section of my blog.Kindly respond.I’m sure you’ll love them.
    Have a nice day 🙂

  63. I have 2 short stories and 5 poems in stockpile. Could anyone guide me how I can publish them?

  64. The chirping melody from so high a tree
    makes my heart rhyme with the bird
    The dusky faced sky began to cry,
    the rain drops so heavy on earth.
    It feels like cloudburst on my head.
    Hope not to dream the feathers that drop,
    but to raise the wings of silence.
    The indecipherable tales that tell secrets
    fills my dreams in vain!

  65. Çarmelita Gastelum10 September 2020 at 20:30Reply

    I write poetry Joe does this work

  66. Mphahlele Lukhanyo Brightness19 September 2020 at 07:43Reply

    I have 5 poems looking for a publisher please assist me.

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