5 great places to submit if you hate to wait

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Part of the pain of submitting is waiting and waiting and waiting to hear if your piece is accepted. This month we’ve focused on poetry journals, or rather journals that accept poetry, with stellar track records for responding quickly (fiction writers, you’ll find some gems here too). Flash fiction writers can find more recommendations here; for our short story list stay tuned.
1. Eunoia Review publishes two new pieces per day and they love work that displays a real sense of craft. You can submit up to 10 poems or multiple fiction or creative nonfiction pieces (up 15,000 words in total) and they will aim to respond within 24 hours.
2. SOFTBLOW highlights a handful of international poets each month. Submit 4-6 lined or prose poems and they’ll generally respond within a couple of days.
3. Amaryllis is looking for poems that leave a little something out and let the reader connect the dots. They publish a new poem every Monday and Thursday and will generally come back with a yea or a nay within a couple of days. Submit up to 3 poems.
4. Thrush Poetry has made our ‘great places to submit’ lists before. They generally get back to you within a couple of days and often with a personal response and they nominate for most major prizes. You can submit up to 3 poems.
5. Jersey Devil Press nominates for most major prizes and they aim to respond within a couple of weeks. You can submit up to 100 lines of poetry as one long poem or several short ones or up to three prose poems or one flash fiction piece or story (up to 4,200 words).

2 January 2018

14 responses on "5 great places to submit if you hate to wait"

  1. Submissions
    Poetry Journal is presently accepting submissions of original, previously unpublished poetry. We also consider reprints, but you must retain or have regained the rights to your work. We try to respond to all submissions within one day. To help us to do this, please adhere to the following guidelines:

    Please submit up to 5 poems in a single attachment.
    Send your submission in the body of an e-mail as plain text to editor[at]poetryjournal[dot]in. Please don’t attach any file. Attached submissions will be deleted and not considered.
    We accept poems only. Please don’t send any other genres, they will not be considered.
    Please include a short third-person biographical note.
    The subject line of the e-mail should read Submission: [Number of Poems] – [Writer’s Name].
    Poetry Journal does not accepts simultaneous submissions.
    If your poem has been previously published elsewhere: please submit only when you retain or have regained the rights. Specifically, mention those submissions as reprints and do state their publication history.

  2. PURAMSHETTY RAMESHWAR RAO15 April 2019 at 14:13Reply

    The light eyes opened up
    It does not mean that it is the theater
    I do not know that it is a drama in the play
    Look at the color palace
    The light jets are theater
    There are lots of characters and many more scenes
    Hopes are the motives of the intentions
    Maturimas are the characters that do not forget
    I’m confused
    It’s not that memorable
    My role is crying
    The waves of my voice are shouting
    The role of the present day is unbelievable
    This character is a picture
    Famous hypotheses do not appear
    This is a lonely character
    My shadow with a long time
    Why the dance plays
    The light that was in that stage
    This is a dark night in the dark
    Any mischief has been lost in the passing role
    Why this loneliness
    From this divine art platform
    Looking stare at you
    For this baseless role
    Nothing is a mastermind.


    When I was a child, I asked, “where are we interconnected?”
    My mother smiled at me with brightness and said,
    “we are connected to our mind” and so
    “our mind is connected to our body” and so
    “our body is connected to environment” and so
    “we all influence each other”

    When I was a teenager, I asked, “why are we interconnected?”
    My teacher smiled at me with fairness and said,
    “we are connected because it’s shaping our lives” and so
    “it’s making us conscious to recognize it” and so
    “we are embracing the way where we live.”

    When I was a young man, I asked, “how are we interconnected?”
    My spouse smiled at me with recognition and said,
    “we are interconnected by our actions” and so
    “our actions are interlinked with surrounding” and so
    “with interconnection it creates actions”

    When I was an old man, I asked, “when are we interconnected?”
    My child smiled at me with happiness and said,
    “we are connected, when we realize the value of insight” and so
    “we understand fully the grasp of nature of all we experience” and so
    “we realize, various causes and conditions coming together”

    When I will die, god will ask, “what is interconnection”
    I will smile with satisfaction and say,
    “interconnection is the mindset where we are concerned about us” and so
    “not only connected with mind and body” but
    “connected to all existing things in perceivable universe”

    By himanshi shah
    From nepal

  4. I’m lost I am torn my stomach ties in nots with theses thoughts that I got other then that I’m doing great that’s a fact noww my dad gone so I’m try to find peace in all that now it’s 900 in fact of rent so go ahead settle in court for what ever is left of me do it for my kids destiny. not to be there cuz I’m such a bad guy let’s take me to court so I can see my kids every other day at the police station how bout that lilly u don’t got time for bullshit but this is how u want let’s do this I ain’t prideful I’m just a lil foolish to ever think it works between the two of us so I know my words hurt but one day I’m going to make it I’m having a great day how’s yours

  5. Akpovona E. Ambrose4 August 2020 at 22:15Reply

    Dear editor,
    I wish to have my poems published on your plate form. How do I make this happen?
    Majority of my poems are in Hello Poetry, can they be similarly showcased here?

  6. May God’s Spirit

    For greener pastures is what I seek
    This world is no place for the meek
    This turning world I continue to roam
    Just want a loving place to call home
    A home underneath the starlit sky
    Where the falcon and eagle still fly
    With the love of God never be alone
    In my heart he’ll always have a home
    God’s blessings allowed me to live
    My heart has so much love to give
    For God’s spirit I will forever pray
    See the sun paint the sky everyday
    God’s love is deeper than the sea
    Removed my crosses and set me free
    Dear God forever my true love I give
    For you taught me how to truly live
    May God’s spirit touch your vacant soul
    And angels comfort you till you grow old

    By Gary Edward Allen 2020 ©

  7. Trapped wrapped
    Within the wave
    of you

  8. Abhilash Shrivastava15 October 2020 at 07:26Reply

    i want to publish hindi poet

  9. http://www.samyuktapoetry.com is a great place to publish poems…they do a wonderful profile of the poet too…

  10. Poem Singing

    I sing stars for you
    I sing the leading hands
    The blood in your chest
    I sing the riches of my words
    I sing the anger of having met you
    I sing the violence of your silence
    I sing the tears of your past
    I sing the ember of your feeling
    Singing, Singing, Singing, and Singing
    Because I can’t cry

    What if poetry and peace
    And if the galaxies exploded
    In the chest of memory
    And if the memories spread
    On the wall of being
    And if they got together again
    Just stay there again
    Hot and painful memories

    I simply begged
    Some kind of sound

    To shake the heart of memory
    The silent memories that blind me
    When the wind tells the sea
    That the years age the dreams
    And that poetry resides in prison
    And not in freedom
    That poetry lives in hate
    And not i peace
    I want only sad wind
    To scream that
    De poetry is frees

    Like in bird
    The bird the sing only in trees
    and not in the sky
    Moon, don´t raize me op
    Moon, you just schine in my tears
    Sun came with peace inside poetry
    Inside wing of the thought
    What if poetry and peace
    Is only in your eyes
    Translate:Anita Carapinheiro

    Only poetry frees
    A bird is not free
    Even when it the sky
    With the winds clinging to the wings
    Dreams become a cold current

    The melody is not free
    When the sound is dispersed through thought
    It becomes trapped between the fingers of the soul

    The smell was never free
    The aroma may be the sweet image of innocence
    Of a child, even without freedom

    The taste was always crushed
    Smashe by greediness
    Is lost in a locked freedom

    The kisses have always been meshed with passion
    Only poetry frees men from the pressure of having
    Translate:Anita Carapinheiro

  11. Boghos L. Artinian MD16 November 2020 at 09:59Reply

    Surgical Deities

    I am hesitant
    to let any deity
    mess with an empire of cells
    (my body) ,
    a strong government
    (my brain) ,
    and an army
    of lymphocytes,
    mast cells, and macrophages
    in my innards.
    I, their god,
    must first agree
    to let another god
    perform a ‘divine intervention’
    in my empire,
    and on my behalf.
    To do that
    I must sign a consent form.
    Of course I can refuse,
    which might mean
    the annihilation of my empire,
    and I with it;
    or perhaps
    its deliverance
    from the mismanagement
    of other gods!

    Boghos L. Artinian MD

  12. Poetry is from your soul.

  13. Welcome to Breathe Bold.
    Why the name ‘Breathe Bold’?
    Breathing is an essential life process. Moreover, it comes naturally, you don’t learn it from someone. That’s the first thing you did when you were born, that’s the thing you do when you sleep. And it just happens. It’s a part of us which we rarely acknowledge.
    We breathe regardless of our faults or our shortcomings. That’s one bold step.
    The next bold step is to love yourself, accept and value yourself because there is no other who can be you.
    So, next time you breathe.
    Breathe Bold.
    We publish stories, articles, poems and haikus (Also, anything you got). Our main topic is Body Positivity but if your submission is a little different and the most unique, submit it as well!
    We are a community of diverse writers and voices. We believe in accepting ourselves.
    Have a submission for us? Email us at boldbreathe@gmail.com and wait for us to response. We swear to respond in a couple of days! And we look forward to reading your work!

  14. Feelings are difficult to forget. Through her eyes, a young girl looks Only the Lord in heaven can see her; everyone else cannot. What’s the point of this? I’m here to suffer. What is intended to be love? I suffer from not having a joyful household. Even though I can see my bruises and no one could have spared me, I want to be joyful. She should be at home with her motherless siblings. asking for mercy in prayer. Can you hear me crying out for God to save me after being smacked so severely the other day, Father? People with broken hearts require healing.

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