10 journals that pay you

This month we’re featuring journals that pay you for your flash fiction, short stories, creative nonfiction and poetry. True, it won’t be enough to quit your day job. But it is still oh so satisfying when you get that check (or paypal transfer).

What we looked for:

  • Semi-pro to pro payment.
  • No submission fees.
  • Reasonable response times (if a journal’s average response time was over 60 days, they didn’t make the cut).
  • Simultaneous submissions  – with only one exception (noted in the description) all the entries on our list are OK if you send your submission to multiple outlets at the same time as long as you let them know ASAP if it’s accepted somewhere else.
  • Anyone can submit – it doesn’t matter where you live or whether or not you’ve been published before.

None of the journals on our list are genre-specific. If you’re into sci-fi or fantasy, definitely check out our list of top 20 places to submit speculative fiction. Almost all of them will pay you.

We’ve linked you directly to the submissions page, but before submitting, it’s always a good idea to read an issue to get a sense of what the journal is looking for. By the way, unless otherwise noted, we’ve gone with the standard definition of flash fiction (stories 1,000 words or fewer).

  1. Flash Fiction Online – publishes stories of 500 to 1,000 words monthly online. They don’t accept simultaneous submissions but do accept reprints. Be sure to check out their list of “hard sells” before submitting. They ask for 70 days to make a decision but often respond in under a month. Payment is $60 per original story.
  2. upstreet – this award-winning annual literary anthology is looking for flash fiction and short stories and essays (both 5,000 words max). They read from 1 September to 1 March. Their response time is generally under 6 weeks and often less than 2. Payment is between $50 and $250 per piece plus a free copy.
  3. West Branch – publishes 3 times per year online and in print. You can submit short stories (1,000 to 7,500 words); essays (up to 7,500 words); and poetry (up to 6 pieces). Their reading period is open through April 1. They ask for 3 months to make a decision but often get back in under 1. They pay $.05/word for prose (with a maximum payment of $100 per piece) and $50 per batch of poetry. Plus you’ll receive a one-year subscription and two copies of the issue in which your work appears.
  4. CRAFT – will accept flash fiction, short stories (7,000 words max), and creative nonfiction (1,000 words max). They also accept reprints. Response time is usually a couple of months. They pay $100 for original flash fiction and $200 for original short fiction.
  5. The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts – publishes weekly online. As the name implies, they’re only interested in compressed forms: flash fiction and essays up to 600 words and poetry up to 20 lines. They also encourage a unique 3-column form of story called a triptych. Fun! Submissions are open till 15 December; they’ll reopen 15 March 2018. They try to make a decision within 3 days but sometimes takes a little longer. They pay $50 per story.
  6. SmokeLong Quarterly – publishes flash fiction quarterly online. and  Some cool perks – they find original artwork to go with your story and include author interviews in each issue. They ask for up to 6 weeks to make a decision but usually they respond sooner. Payment is $25 per story.
  7. Gaze – accepts flash fiction, short stories (2,500 words max), creative non-fiction (2,500 max) and poetry (between 3 to 6 pieces). Their website features a couple of authors each month. They have no set response time—usually you’ll hear back with a month but up to 4 is not unheard of. Payment is $25 per piece.
  8. Fabula Argentea – publishes flash fiction and short stories quarterly online and are open to most genres. While they prefer work under 6,000 words, they will consider long-form fiction of up to 10,000 words.  They ask for 2 months to make a decision, but often respond in fewer and frequently send personalised rejections letters, the next best thing to an acceptance. They pay a flat fee of $8 for short stories and poems, $3 for flash, $15 to $25 for longer stories.
  9. /temz/ Review – publishes fiction (flash, short and long-form up to 10,000 words) and poetry (submit up to 8 pieces) quarterly online. Deadline for their next issue is Jan 1, 2019. It may take a couple of months for a response. They pay $20 per per story or batch of poems.
  10. Ruminate –  features flash fiction, short stories, essays, and poetry in a quarterly print publication. They are currently accepting poetry (you can submit 3-5, closes 15 Jan) and creative nonfiction (up to 5,500 words, closes 31 May). Fiction submissions will reopen 19 February, 2019. Be prepared to wait up to 4 months for a decision. They pay $20 per page for poetry (with a maximum of $80 per poem) and $20 per 400 words for prose.

For more great suggestions of places to submit, check out our other lists.

10 December 2018

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